The Fifth Annual Alt.Fan.Sailor-Moon Party (continued)

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Party Time!

Next on the agenda is karaoke!

As the first on stage, Kionon is singing Rashiku Ikimasho.

On the wall you can see the Jeopardy board for the game coming up.

Kit Kat, a local from Dallas and regular attendee, sings Otome no Policy just like she did in 2001.

Harold takes his turn at the microphone singing Bye Bye Itte ita in this video courtesy of Gret. You should be able to start it by moving your mouse cursor over the blank square. If that doesn't work, then try running it from this direct link.

As the Jeopardy game starts, The first category to be selected is Sailor Moon S for $100. At the end of the game, all the contestants were awarded in Chibi-bucks which they could then use to bid on prizes.

Suddenly taken with the muse, Harold cobbled this hack job together with plastic bags and duct tape.

As a tribute to the AMAZING RANDO, Harold gives us this Para Para version of the Sailor Stars Song. Although there is supposed to be an official routine to the song, Harold totally made up his own moves.

With a scream of "AMAZING RANDO, FORGIVE ME FOR I DO NOT KNOW THE ROUTINE!!!", we are witness to the horror once again. >_<

Are you sure this is the Para Para routine?

In the back, Goreddo gets an eyeful.

Thank goodness the kids had already left ^_^;;

Peeled down to his skivvies, labeled with a sign proclaiming that he is a Sailor Moon Fanboy, Harold shares the love.

Red gets an official Sailor Moon Hug.

Flashing the Sailor Moon peace sign, Harold catches up with another "lucky" fan.

A close up of the cake, image courtesy of Gret.

PmChivas has the honor of the first slice as fans queue up for cake.

Following another afs-m tradition, everyone signs a Sailor Moon poster in the signature color of their favorite senshi.

Gracing us with a special appearance, Tin Nyako signs with her signature kitty-cat picture.

Behind her, Meredith signs in purple to let everyone know that Saturn rules.

Conventions Peparations Introductions Party Time Cosplay Contest Cosplay