The Fifth Annual Alt.Fan.Sailor-Moon Party (continued)

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Cosplay Contest

Because they had to leave the party early to catch the j-rock concert, Ten-chan and E-chan came by our room the next day (Saturday) to sign the poster.

After three hours of preparation, Jayme is ready to play. Here she is dressed up as Lulu from Final Fantasy X.

Jayme garnered quite a crowd of fans as they all give her their own plushies to keep her battle mog company.

As Jayme's monkey-boy, I got to accompany her backstage as the contestants gather for the cosplay contest.

On stage, Gret and her friends practice their skit.

The walk-on contestants lined up outside the theater in preparation to make their individual entrances.

After her appearance, we waited out in the hall for the announcements. In the process, Jayme gathers dozens of more fans as she shows off the extraordinary work that she put into this costume. (That's a real corset, guys ^_^)

An hour or so later, Gret's skit group exited the stage and gave us a quick pose.

As we were waiting, this interesting fellow above set up shop to sell glow sticks for the dance party to follow the cosplay.

After the contest, Jayme and I went down to the restaurant for a bite to eat. While we were there, we ran into an old friend from our animarathon days. Layne, who had attended Anime Express cons in years past, had recognized me by the Video Girl Ai shirt I was wearing. Heh, pretty much everyone knows I'm a real fan of that series.

What a small world it is sometimes.

It was really quite a delightful way to close this particular trip.

Conventions Peparations Introductions Party Time Cosplay Contest Cosplay