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Den of Otakudom

Blog of my dear friend and fellow otaku of many, many years, K-chan

Anime on DVD

The premier site about everything anime out on DVD


Excellent on-line American anime

A Parent's Guide to Anime

This site was originally conceived by Bryan Pfaffenberger as a result of a thread I posted on rec.arts.anime back in May of 1995 voicing a parent's concern for the appropriate exposure of kids to anime. I, along with a number of other parents, were the very first contributors to this excellent resource.

Visit the Save Our Sailors web site Save Our Sailors!

Curious about those rumors you've heard about Makoto and Ami?

Follow this link to get the facts!

Yes, I know this is the Halloween Trixie Turnpike, but that Sailor Moon outfit is just too cute Hitch a ride to the best source of anime pointers in the galaxy! It's Princess Mononoke Trixie!

Ring of Eternal Sailormoon

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I was one of the first to join the Ring of Eternal Sailormoon by way of  personal invitation when it was created back in November of 1996