Sailor Moon Fun Day '97

July 12, 1997

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July 12, 1997, the kids and I embarked for Vero Beach, Florida for the first ever Sailor Moon Fun Day. In the noble chariot heading south was John (also known as Phoenix), my daughter Jennifer, son Josh and niece Stephanie. Waiting for us at our destination is our most gracious and wonderful host Kristyn (known and loved by all as K-chan). Packed in my luggage bag was about 40 anime tapes including a ton of Sailor Moon and a change of underwear (after the tapes, it was all I had room for).

We arrived around 10am and checked out the house that was to be Sailor Moon Central for the next 24 hours.

Kristyn's house in Vero Beach, Florida

K-chan and Pu greeted us at the door. Pu in typical Mamoru garb and K-chan in her spiffy Haruka togs.

John (better known as Pu) and Kristyn (the beloved K-chan)

After a tour of the house, K-chan showed off her Sailor Moon collection. Down from the closet came box after box of treasures upon treasures. All the NA dolls, big and little; notebooks filled with Sailor Moon cards, Sailor Moon apple juice and so on. Pu stood guard over me with the Moon Rod so I would not be tempted by the precious Sailor Mercury doll ^_^;;.

Just to start the event off with the right mind set, I dug out the infamous Snow White episode and illustrated to the present company just exactly what the afsm meaning for 'Talent' is. It was a major hit. Everyone was laughing so hard we could hardly breathe.

Rei checks out Makoto's obvious talent

Later we hopped in the car to pick up another SMFD attendee, Kellie. Along the way we stop at Cyber Dragon to check out the latest manga and anime.

Jennifer, Stephanie and K-chan

Inside we take a moment for the traditional SAILOR MOON GROUP HUG!

Here we have my son Josh, Pu, K-chan and Phoenix

After picking up Kellie, we head back to the Ponderosa.

Phoenix, K-chan and Kellie with Pu towards the back

We take a moment for a little horseplay before heading inside.

Pu and K-chan with Kellie towards the back

We then settle down for some serious Sailor Moon
Pu, K-chan and Kellie

Then it's off to Sushi Moon for dinner. Now isn't that the most perfect name for a restaurant for this occasion?

Inside we ended up sitting at the bar because there was no table big enough for the crowd. Jennifer, Stephanie and Kellie had chicken teriyaki, Pu and K-chan had chashimu with misu soup, Phoenix got California rolls and Josh got shrimp teriyaki.

Jennifer, Stephanie, Pu and Kellie

K-chan chows down with her own personal set of stainless steel chopsticks.

Back at the homestead, K-chan provides a special homemade Sailor Moon cake to everyone. In the background is K-chan's Mac computer.

Jennifer (facing away), Jennifer (my daughter), Stephanie and K-chan

Then it's more Sailor Moon and anime goodie sharing. Here K-chan is showing her Oh My Goddess postcards to Jennifer and Stephanie.

Stephanie, K-chan, Jennifer and Baron

All through the night, we watched Nurse Angel Ririka, Slayers, Magic Knight Rayearth, You're Under Arrest, Marmalade Boy and the Sailor Moon R movie. I know, I know, it was suppose to be a Sailor Moon marathon, but K-chan and I had so much anime we wanted to share with each other.

Everyone finally hit the sack around 3 in the morning. The next day, K-chan was the first to awaken and thankfully put the coffee on. I was up next. After rousing the rest of the crew, we visited and watched a few more animes before calling a reluctant end to the first ever Sailor Moon Fun Day.

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