Our last stop was the Arashiyama district. Really, we had no idea what to expect, but it turned out to be a pleasant park with shopping along the Katsura river.

One of the shop-lined streets in Arashiyama. As with almost every afternoon we were in Japan, it was overcast and lightly raining. Notice all the umbrellas. We had to purchase one for ourselves for 300 yen.

One of the vendors was selling roasted chestnuts. After hearing so much about them, I was eager to taste one. Unfortunately, even the smallest bag was pretty costly. However the shopkeeper gave me a free sample to stake my curiosity. The verdict? It was OK, but nothing to write home about.


What would a visit to Japan be without seeing a statue of the Tanuki Kami? He is sort of a raccoon monk with a straw hat, a sake jug and, um, well, a rather large distinguishing feature that is so huge that it drags the ground. <grin>

One of the main features of Arashiyama is the Togetsukyo bridge. Jennifer and I crossed it to visit the parks and shops on the other side of the river.

The one thing across the river that was really neat was a toy store. Outside was this huge stuffed bear (not for sale, BTW). Inside were all kind of beautiful toys, stuffed animals and dolls.