Anime Express 2
Cosplay Competition

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Daytona Beach, Florida
March 28, 1998

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As we waited for the judges to return, Misaki entertained us with a little running in place.

Below, Steve Bennett made some introductions before announcing the winners.

For such a small convention, Anime Express had some rare and unique guests. In this case, we had a special appearance from Scott Frazier (later to be known as Jan Scott-Frazier), an expert in many different aspects of animation production. Scott has worked with many different animation companies including many in Japan and has led a rather interesting life.

There were three primary categories. In the first category, Ryo-ohki took Best Presentation for her Meow-meow dance.

For Best Craftsmanship, the Eva pilot 06 took a bow as the clear winner.

Finally, for the most original costume, the judges gave the prize to the fuku girls for which they take a bow.

But that was not all!!

As Steve was quick to point out, in celebration of this first ever event, there would be categories and prizes for everyone!

Above, Ryouga takes his bow for the most excessively energetic entry.

Asobi takes a bow for the most culturally clashed as East meets West combining jeans with a hakama.

Jayme took a bow and then offered the judges a gift ("Would you like a flower?"). Her talent is the most lively presentation of a dead character.

Fuu-chan won for the category of Cutest Meganeko, that is, cutest girl with glasses.

And finishing up the contest, Shampoo took the prize for the Best One-Line Presentation.

As the first ever Anime Express cosplay contest came to an end, the entire group of contestants and staff lined up for a final photograph.

Conventions Arrival Almost time Cosplay Contest Contest Continued Contest Results