Anime Express 3
Cosplay Competition

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Daytona Beach, Florida
March 25, 2000

Conventions Cosplay Contest Contest Continued

A few shots from the pre-cosplay party. Anime Express has a truly unique approach in that the cosplayers are in a center arena while the audience sits around the perimeter. Everyone gets a good view and you can easily move around if you desire.

Bloodberry & Cherry from Saber Marionette. They apparently killed Lime in order to eliminate the competition for Otaru's affection. ^_^;

On the right is Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Can you believe that she didn't get slapped once the entire evening?

Some of the AE attendees have attended our own Jacksonville animarathons. In the picture above are Layne (blue Chinese jacket) and Maverynthia (Jupiter). Below are Aaron, Jayme and Jason.

We've secretly switched Layne's Dr. Pepper with Folgers Instant Coffee. Will she notice?

Drinks and snacks were provided compliments of the Anything Goes Anime Club.

Steve Bennett gets the ball rolling, introducing the guests of honor and the cosplayers.

First up are Bloodberry and Cherry as they argue over who has what it takes to win Otaru's love. Cherry's cooking or Bloodberry's obvious, um, assets. ^_^

Anthy loses the Sword of Dios and goes off to hunt for Utena.

Ryouga shows off his secret tattoo that will spell the certain defeat of Ranma. Akane prepares to nail him with her hammerspace mallet for his transgression.

Heero rips up his invitation just before whispering to Relena that he will.... er, can't quite hear him... kiss her? Maybe not.

Jupiter's musical introduction continues to be interrupted by an annoying P-chan until she unleashes a Supreme Thunder backed up with a Sparkling Wide Pressure to silence the little squealer.

Conventions Cosplay Contest Contest Continued

Trust me, you want to go to the next page... Felicia of Darkstalkers is still to come ^_-